Reclaim the Outward Youth Time Takes Away
Posted by luminescesite, 03/05/2018 1:22 pm

Oh, the joys of being young. You look at the world from a unique perspective during those early years, seeing possibilities and even magic everywhere you turn. Joints don't pop and crack when you crawl out of bed in the mornings. Playing a rousing game of kickball doesn't send you into a week-long muscle spasm. People don't really notice all those inner changes you experience with age, but they do notice the ones in your skin. Most importantly, you see it too.

Why Does Skin Change over Time?

When it comes to skin aging, a couple different factors are working against you. Collagen and elastin are two key components of skin. One helps it stay plump and fresh while the other keeps it firm and smooth. Though the body generates both naturally, production begins to drop over the years. This decline starts in the early 20s for most people and continues to ramp up from that point forward.

On the other end of the spectrum, outside forces enter the mix. Radiation from the sun, chemicals in the air and other harmful elements bombard you from the outside. Your skin takes this abuse in an effort to protect internal organs, but it eventually takes its toll.

Jeunesse Reserve

What's the End Result?

Overall, the answer to this question revolves around detriment on the cellular level, but anyone can see the results of all this internal and external damage when looking in the mirror. Fine lines begin to creep in around the mouth and eyes, along the forehead, between the eyebrows and other key places. Skin on the neck starts to droop. Dark and light spots appear where smooth, even color once prevailed.

Can It Be Stopped?

You can't stop time or rid the world of pollutants, but Luminesce may be able to help slow their effects. This line of anti-aging products is designed to combat fine lines and sagging while diminishing discoloration and helping retain vital moisture lost to aging. All this comes from highly concentrated ATP-200, a complex derived from the very stem cells responsible for keeping skin healthy and youthful in the first place.

Skin endures a great deal of injustice over the years. Nurturing and protecting it is the key to preserving the youthful tone and texture everyone desires. Jeunesse Reserve and the Luminesce lineup are said to serve that purpose, giving people back a little of what time takes away.

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